TechniBlend Engineers Equipment for the Cannabis-Infused Beverage Market

By: Roxanne Gorham

The beverage market is rapidly evolving, and beverage processing companies are beginning to jump in on the consumer-driven trend of health-focused options. Continued research has uncovered many potential health benefits of consuming products like Kombucha, tea, coffee, juice, and other beverages that have been infused with cannabis extracts like CBD or THC. Despite the strict, and often inconsistent, federal and local laws surrounding the growth, harvest, and consumption of cannabis and cannabis extracts in the U.S., beverage producers are doing their research to learn what techniques, formulas, guidelines and equipment they need to get in on this growing trend.

Even with inconsistent legalities and strict regulations, beverages and products infused with cannabis extracts remain popular. According to Beau Whitney, Vice President and Senior Economist at New Frontier Data, medical and recreational cannabis sales totaled $10.4 billion in the U.S. in 2018 alone, and legally distributed cannabis sales have been predicted to reach more than $25 billion in the next five-to-seven years.

An increasing amount of these sales come from the hot new trend of infusing CBD or THC extract into an array of beverages. Everything from tea, juice, coffee, and kombucha, to wine – and yes, even beer – can be infused with the cannabis extracts. Thus far, there are only a handful of beverage producers who have successfully produced and distributed CBD or THC infused beverages, and many of those beverages are non-alcoholic. But more and more companies are exploring CBD infused alcoholic beverages accompanied by a list of health benefits in comparison to the consumption of alcohol-only based products.

If you compare the numbers in the cannabis industry to the nearly $38 billion in beer sales across the U.S. this year, it’s easy to see why a variety of companies – from the big contenders like Constellation Brands (Corona), to entrepreneurial THC and CBD infused product manufacturers like WYLD (Portland, OR) – are showing interest in equipment and technology that will enable them to consistently and reliably blend, carbonate and package these new products.

TechniBlend Inc., a company located in New Berlin, WI, specializes in designing and manufacturing custom-engineered equipment and solutions for the beverage processing industry. TechniBlend provides technologically superior lines of high-powered blending, carbonating & nitrogenating, and packaging solutions in the market, making TechniBlend the go-to manufacturer for companies interested in infusing their products with cannabis extracts like CBD and THC.

It may be tempting to jump on the cannabis beverage train, but there are unique challenges that come along with developing an economically sustainable and profitable CBD beverage. Having a comprehensive plan, the right equipment, and unyielding support provided by the team at TechniBlend allows beverage processors to execute and adjust as needed. Combined, these vital elements determine every beverage processor’s success in the cannabis-infused beverage market.

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