The Use of Continuous Blending Processes

TechniBlend leads the pack in the beverage equipment manufacturing industry by working with the major players across the United States and beyond. Their experienced team of engineers and service technicians have worked with companies small and large, making TechniBlend the experts in high-quality systems designed specifically with the customer’s production goals and business growth in mind.

One of the more popular systems engineered by TechniBlend is their efficient line of Continuous Stream Blenders. These blenders are used in the mixing of syrup and water in the production of soda, tea, and other beverages. TechniBlend engineers several types of Continuous Stream Blending models including ABV & High Gravity, Brix, and Ratio blenders.

Continuous Stream Blending technology is an effective, turnkey solution that can be customized to the needs of an existing production facility. It is also fully capable of being added and integrated into any existing processes including storage and receiving processes and tankers.

The Benefits

Accuracy, consistency, space savings, and increased product yield are just a few of the benefits of continuous blending. With TechniBlend’s line of Continuous Stream Blenders, beverage companies experience higher yields with production speeds ranging from 3,000 up to 14,000 gallons per hour, respectively.

But speed is only beneficial when combined with consistency and accuracy. TechniBlend’s line of Continuous Stream Blenders repeatedly hit their target specs by utilizing PLC controls to automatically manage flow rates. This is critical for adding concentrate into process water or other liquids.

By utilizing dynamic adjustment throughout the production, the final product quality is not only consistent within the batch, but also between batches. Without the dynamic adjustment, it is possible for different densities of ingredients to settle or lift through the processes, creating variations in the final beverage.

With the option to blend on-site, the beverage production facility can reduce storage and costs by choosing concentrate. With precision blending, dynamic adjustment, and automatic syrup detection, the overall costs of production can be decreased without compromising the product quality or consistency. The use of continuous inline blending also means no additional equipment that takes up space in the processing area.

Finally, customer service lays the foundation at TechniBlend, and can easily be considered one of the most valuable benefits. With competition selling similar, yet less consistent blending systems, having the service and support from TechniBlend is what sets us apart. Service and support is available 24/7 with a remote access option.

To find out more about the Continuous Stream Blending technology offered by TechniBlend, call today at 262.484.4090.

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