Membrane Deaeration

The TechniBlend Membrane Deaeration system will improve overall filling performance of beverages while reducing equipment and operating costs compared to traditional vacuum spray-diffusion deaeration systems.

The system requires no operational involvement, offers extended maintenance cycles, and uses less water, CO2 and energy than other deaeration systems. The system offers very low-pressure drop, which means that water supply pressure and energy are saved and re-used in your process.

Very high levels of O2 removal are achieved with very low energy and scrubbing gas usage.

TechniBlend pioneered the use of “dry” running vacuum pump technology in the beverage industry. The use of this vacuum pump technology can save over 1.5-million gallons of water annually.*

*Based on manufacturer’s recommended “liquid ring” flow rate of 4-gpm for 6,000 production hours per year.

Your Benefits

  • Very efficient deaeration, O2 removal technology

  • Requires no water pumps or additional energy as compared to spray deaerators

  • Very small and compact foot-print

  • Very low energy & water consumption