ProCarb™ Inline Carbonation and Nitrogenation System

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Our ProCarb™ inline carbonation and nitrogenation system delivers the most accurate, consistent, and efficient in-line carbonation and nitrogenation results in the industry.

ProCarb is based on extensive research, development and the science of how gases like, CO2 and N2 are absorbed into beverages. By combining TechniBlend's know-how with world-class control technology, users receive a reliable, easy to use system that enables them to create the best beverage possible at scale.

The ProCarb can also be adjusted to fit your exact operation. TechniBlend provides a portable carbonation and nitrogenation unit (ProCarb Mini) as well as a larger inline option (ProCarb Plus) to fit the needs of any beverage producer.

Features & Benefits
  • Standalone, mobile, or inline capabilities
  • Reduce carbonation times by over 500%
  • Precise PLC controlled digital flow-meters for accurate injection ratios
  • Automatic pressure control guarantees levels and saturation pressures for optimal stability and quality
  • Optimally disperses gasses while eliminating room for unwanted DO (dissolved oxygen)
  • Increase CO2 or N2 utilization with improved accuracy and repeatable results
  • Increase sustainability and reduce carbon footprint