Chemical, Oil & Gas

The liquid chemicals, oil and gas industries encompass a broad range of products and unique processing demands. With the rapid growth in the oil and gas industries, as well as the continued expansion of liquid chemical needs, TechniBlend has focused many resources to providing customers with innovative and cost saving technologies, solutions and services. Through process engineering, control, and system integration we have been able to create systems that deliver positive results and reliability.

Chemical Blending Technology

TechniBlend offers a diverse portfolio of solutions designed to reduce ingredient loss, increase capacity and throughput, tighten finished product accuracy and increase the success of our customers. TechniBlend has vast experience in product density measurement, precise blending control, and pumping and flow engineering. All of our engineers work with the most sophisticated technology available. We create systems for large scale distributed control systems, integrated SCADA systems, and also create comprehensive control solutions for chemical blending and continuous blending utilizing high-quality certifications including class 1, division 2 hazardous location.

Unique Designs Created for Our Customers

The designs created by TechniBlend are formatted with our customers’ specific needs in mind. We ensure that all our product and system information and overall functionality is easy to understand and displayed in useable formats. We want our customer to feel in control of their system during production. As technology advances, we find ourselves supporting chemical, oil, and gas with continuous blending solutions. We pride ourselves on creating comprehensive world class systems that assist in simplifying our customers purchasing choices.

Industry Expertise

Thanks to the expansive knowledge of our engineers, and their expertise, we are the only solution for a wide range of customers. Learn more about our inline and continuous blending systems for multiple chemical ingredients, our gas removal technology and our innovative controls and programming capabilities.