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TechniBlend's subsidiary, ProBrew, is a brewer's best friend. Backed by the engineering excellence and resources of TechniBlend™, ProBrew focuses on making the dreams of brewers everywhere a reality. Our team of experienced engineers work hand in hand with our brewery partners to deliver the solutions that they need while still having the future of the organization in mind. In addition to everything that TechniBlend already has to offer, ProBrew adds these great solutions to breweries:

Brewery Cellar ProCellar Systems

ProBrew Fermentation and Brite tanks can be designed to perfectly match the output of a brewhouse or can be purchased individually to meet any brewery’s growth. All ProBrew tanks and vessels are designed, engineered and manufactured to the highest quality standards in the industry. Design parameters such as, stainless steel selection & quality, cooling rates, insulation, cladding and supporting structure are designed to protect product integrity, maximize production yield and efficiency, and save energy and money for our customers.

Expanded Brewery Product Line with N/A and Seltzer Options

The ProBrew Alchemator allows craft brewers and beverage producers to easily separate the alcohol and water from any fermented beverage. Simply add deaerated water to the remaining concentrate to make full-flavored low-alcohol or nonalcoholic beer or beverage from the original beer, cider, wine, kombucha and more. The Alchemator incorporates ProBrew’s industry recognized Plug-&-Play simplicity also found in the popular ProCarb Mini and other ProBrew systems.

Flavored hard seltzers & RTD-Beverages are rapidly growing in popularity. Available in two different configurations, the Alchemator can pull the alcohol and water from the feed beverage creating a Hard Seltzer base. By adding carbonation and flavoring to the alcohol water base, you can easily create a crystal-clear hard seltzer or RTD-cocktail without compromising your beverage’s unique characteristics.

Revitalizing a Storied Brand with Customized Solutions