Household & Personal Care

The consumer and household liquid products industry requires a wide range of processing technologies and solutions. TechniBlend provides state-of-the-art blending and density measurement technology, integrated CIP On-Demand cleaning systems, sanitizing and rinsing solutions, and innovative process control philosophies that allow producers to changeover more rapidly, reduce ingredient losses, increase production capacity and improve product quality.

Whether your blending processes incorporate surfactants, high or low acid ingredients, process and phase changes, and temperature and thermal control, TechniBlend’s innovative processing technologies can help simplify your process and return savings on your investment.

Learn more about our inline continuous blending and batch blending systems for multiple ingredients, our gas removal technology and our innovative controls and technology solutions.

ProMach's Holistic Approach to Household and Personal Care

ProMach Pharma Solutions has over a century of expertise in the design, production, integration, and maintenance of cutting-edge pharmaceutical and medical packaging solutions.

We are a one stop turnkey pharmaceutical packaging solution provider, with our full range of packaging technologies, upstream and downstream process equipment, and our ability to provide the entire, turnkey integrated line as a single source provider.

Household and Personal Care Manufacturing Graphic
Graphic of ProMach Pharma Solutions Turnkey Offerings.