Produce Your RTD at Scale

The latest and greatest industry trend is producing high-quality, unique RTD Cocktails! Our Ready-To-Drink beverage processing solutions include comprehensive technologies like our FlashPAS pasteurizer, Ingredient & Alcohol Batching & Blending systems, ProCarb™ carbonation technology, and our rotary ProFill Can filler and seamer systems! Regardless of what spirit, soft drink, or juice you are combining, TechniBlend's engineering team can create custom machinery and work with you to deliver the optimal process in creating your RTD.

Blending and Batching an RTD

TechniBlend's latest Batching & Blending system is designed to quickly and easily batch and blend 3 streams of product utilizing our patented injection and dispersion components alongside high accuracy mass flowmeters.

Flash Pasteurization

Quickly and effectively pasteurize your RTD Cocktails with our line of newly redesigned, fully automated FlashPAS inline HTST (High Temperature, Short Time) pasteurizer. FlashPAS systems range in speeds from 5 gallons per minute with a dedicated hold time, to 10 – 30 gallons per minute with optional triple hold times and integrated ProCarb inline carbonation technology for RTD producers to achieve precise and repeatable results with a range of beverage styles.

Carbonate Your RTD Quickly and Effectively

ProCarb inline carbonation technology enables beverage producers to carbonate and nitrogenate their products fast. Whether you need a portable or inline carbonator, TechniBlend will work with your team to provide the best possible solutions to your production problems.

Fill Your Cans at Scale

The ProFill V series of Volumetric can fillers are accelerating plant production everywhere. These can fillers run at speeds between 100 – 600+ cans per minute while achieving precise and consistent filling volumes in multiple can sizes for a variety of beverages and liquids. Monobloc design gives customers a simple, single blocked unit consisting of the state-of-the-art ProFill V filling carousel integrated with a true tangential discharge to the integrated seaming system.