Carbonation System

The TechniBlend Inline Carbonation system are based on extensive research and development on how CO2 is actually absorbed into beverage. The TechniBlend systems utilize unique mixing elements to ensure that CO2 is fully mixed and absorbed.

TechniBlend offers several different models to meet your production needs, product specifications, and carbonation requirements. Systems can utilize coriolis mass flow meters to measure product and CO2 in order to deliver un-matched CO2 accuracy. TechniBlend also provides conventional spray & tank carbonation system, which deliver great carbonation control at a more economical price point. Lastly, TechniBlend has introduced the use of inline carbonation utilizing membrane contactors and injection systems to provide an even simpler reliable carbonation solution.

In all cases, the TechniBlend pressure control system achieves precise pressure control to guarantee that carbonation levels and saturation pressures are accurately maintained for optimal product stability.

TechniBlend’s Low Pressure Carbonation technology provides precise carbonation control without the need for additional high-pressure supply or booster pumps, saving energy and space compared to other systems.

Carbonation system help to eliminate foaming, minimize product turbulence and additional CO2 pickup, and produce a quiescent product for more effective and efficient filling.

Your Benefits

  • Tighter CO2 process control with cutting-edge instrumentation

  • Low Pressure Carbonation technology saves energy and delivers more stable product

  • Systems offer best-in-class performance and accuracy

  • Systems are very simple and reliable to operate