ProCarb™ Inline Carbonation system

Introducing the all-new ProCarb™ Inline Carbonation system. ProCarb offers brewers, wine & cider makers, as well as, all carbonated beverage producers an incredibly simple, cost effective and innovative way to carbonate their beverages.

Now Nitro Ready! The ProCarb is easily upgradeable to Nitrogenate beer, cider and other beverages.

ProCarb is based on extensive research, development and the science of how CO2 and N2 is absorbed into beverage. TechniBlend has successfully combined this know-how with world-class beverage processing and control technology into a reliable, easy to use, carbonation and nitrogenation solution.

The ProCarb employs TechniBlend’s unique gas injection and mixing technology to ensure CO2 is optimally dispersed and absorbed. Precise, PLC controlled electronic flow-meters measure gas and liquid flow rates to control very accurate injection. Automatic pressure control guarantees carbonation levels and saturation pressures are always achieved for optimal product stability and quality.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Save Time: ProCarb system is quick (Over 5-time faster) than tank carboantion. Carbonate inline, instantly versus waiting for hours or overnight for Stone and Brite tank carbonation.

  • Save Space: ProCarb is small and mobile, unlike a Brite tank. The ProCarb is less than 30” square, which makes it even smaller than a 10bbl Brite tank.

  • Save Money: ProCarb will save you money by saving you time, energy, CO2, space and water.

  • Save CO2: ProCarb delivers 100% CO2 usage efficiency and eliminates Brite tank off-gassing and CO2 loss or waste.

  • Nitro Ready: ProCarb can nitrogenate beer, cider or other beverages with a simple and low cost upgrade.

  • Better Quality: ProCarb is computer controlled and allows unlimited recipe storage to deliver repeatable and reliable carbonation targets over & over.

  • Save Energy: ProCarb carbonates inline and instantly therefore reducing several hours of glycol refrigeration.

Brew Like a Pro

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