Spray Vacuum Deaerator

The TechniBlend Series Spray-Vacuum Deaeration system can help reduce entrained O2 and other gasses in process water. The system utilizes a sanitary stainless steel, thick-wall vacuum tank, and vacuum pump to create a high-vacuum environment into which process water is sprayed.

For beverage producers searching for the most effective equipment for liquid processing, the TechniBlend offers a sophisticated spray-vacuum deaeration system that is designed for easy use, control and long-lasting reliability. Our cutting-edge instrumentation sets this spry-vacuum deaerator apart from other models on the market, providing continual liquid processing for small and large beverage production companies.

Operation Basics

As the process water enters the vacuum tank, it is diffused and atomized by a TechniBlend diffuser to create maximum surface area exposure to the vacuum, which allows the entrained gases (primarily N2 & O2) to escape from the water. This provides superior removal of N2 and O2 gases, which is essential to reduce foaming and to increase the shelf life of the final product.

The TechniBlend Spray-Vacuum deaerator is a freestanding system on a stainless steel pre-piped, pre-assembled base. The spray-vacuum deaeration system is operator friendly, simple and compact and requires very little operational involvement and offers extended maintenance cycles with a very low cost of ownership.

All process functions are controlled by an onboard PLC, and operator interaction is by an integrated Human Machine Interface – color touchscreen. Easy to see and even easier to adjust, the touchscreen interface is ideal for both large and small-scale production.

The TechniBlend TB-D Series Spray-Vacuum Deaerator represents simple and reliable liquid processing technology that will deliver positive results to the bottom line.

Your Benefits

  • Tighter process control with cutting-edge instrumentation

  • Helps reduce product foaming and improves product shelf-life

  • Maintenance free system, with simple and reliable technology

  • Large volume and high throughput systems available