Spray Vacuum Deaerator

The TechniBlend Series Spray-Vacuum Deaeration system can help reduce entrained O2 and other gasses in process water. The system utilizes a sanitary stainless steel, thick-wall vacuum tank and vacuum pump to create a high-vacuum environment into which process water is sprayed.

As the process water enters the vacuum tank, it is diffused and atomized by a TechniBlend diffuser to create maximum surface area exposure to the vacuum, which allows the entrained gases (primarily N2 & O2) to escape from the water.

The TechniBlend Spray-Vacuum deaerator is a freestanding system on a stainless steel pre-piped, pre-assembled base. The unit is operator friendly, simple and compact and requires very little operational involvement and offers extended maintenance cycles with a very low cost of ownership.

All process functions are controlled by an on-board PLC and operator interaction is by an integrated Human Machine Interface – color touchscreen.

The TechniBlend TB-D Series Spray Deaeration represents simple and reliable liquid processing technology that will deliver positive results to the bottom line.

Your Benefits

  • Tighter process control with cutting-edge instrumentation

  • Helps reduce product foaming and improves product shelf-life

  • Maintenance free system, with simple and reliable technology

  • Large volume and high throughput systems available